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Last year we made over 3,000 different types of ignition spark electrodes and flame probes.

With 120 years of experience, we have produced so many varieties & variations of ignition spark electrodes, flame failure electrodes and probes, ionisation probes, burner electrodes, flame probes, flame rods, ignition burner probes, flare probes, furnace spark ignitors, furnace flame probes, kiln ignitors, pottery spark plugs, ionisation probe, burner electrodes, flame sensors, ignition burner probes, furnace flame probes, pottery spark plugs, flame sensing detection probe, flame sensing detection electrode, spark ignitor, flame ignitor, it is probable we have seen something like the part you are looking for.

We also stock a large variety of ceramic insulators to suit all applications.

As we have our own machine shop, sheet metalworking and fabricating facilities combined with a vast stock of ceramic tubes and electrode wire, we have the flexibility to provide whatever electrode you are looking for and if it’s a breakdown we can do it quickly.

Years of problem solving and providing bespoke solutions have given us a vast bank of knowledge with which we can support you to supply 1 or 10,000 parts.

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